Mobile Client News

We've recently made some changes to the BrainJogger Mobile Client, some on purpose, others... not so much.

  • Mobile client updates (Client/Server bug fixes) - (No client update required)
    • Corrected problem with mobile browsers not updating tasks
      (Also added "Tasks (Mobile)" to main website for easier navigation.
    • Started working on integration with "BS Tracking" application into verbal command suite for Amadeus
      Coder comment: This is not yet open to public beta testing, please stay turned.
    • Corrected issue with Stock Updates for daily stock reports (bad feed downstream)
  • Mobile client updates (Version 1.3.1B, build 032518b) - These changes require a client update - Ask your DCRE representative for details
    • Added "show the moon" command, displays image of moon (from
    • Modified "phase of the moon" to include image (above) as well as verbal description.
      Coder comment: Protocol now supports mixing text and PIC displays, along with SOUND URLs.
    • Cleaned up version reporting on INFO screen, still messy though.
  • Mobile client updates (Version 1.3.1B, build 032418a)
    • Added web search and remote web page display capabilities. Various commands will use this going forward.
      Design group comment: Requested by auto users group
      Coder comment: Protocol now supports URL and PIC displays, WEB_SEARCH deprecated.


Various changes since the last build:

  • Added "Tasks (Mobile)" link to main page for easier access to task list from mobile web browsers
  • Improved Wikipedia search functions (no longer case sensitive). Commands are "research quantum entanglement" vs. "full research quantum entanglement"
    Note: The command is research to read results (versus search which will just do a URL query and display the bing search page)
  • Fixed bug in stock price beta code causing some stocks not to have prices (those with a . in their symbol)
  • Fixed bug in stock price beta database causing BRK-A to not populate.
    Coder Comment: Database structure didn't support a single stock prince > $99,999.99. Sorry Warren, our bad.
  • Added web search commands to bring up browser on screen ("[search the web|do a web search|search] [for], look up, google XXX")
    Coder comment: Ironically, due to Google over thinking URL searches, Amadeus uses bing....
  • Reward category now supported in mobile client (add task with negative point values)
  • Fixed problem with morning report (Daily Bible verse is no longer read first)
  • "Phase of the moon" is now supported.
    (i.e., "What is the current phase of the moon?")
  • Three new commands, the start of the "Bible support project":
    "get random Bible verse - Randomly selects and reads a Bible verse.
    "read Bible verse John 3:16" - Will read the book of John, Chaper 3, Verse 6.
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